I think I deleted everything in molecularshell

Resolving issues with installing and using (tai)HENkaku
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I think I deleted everything in molecularshell

Post by theonlychicken » Mon May 29, 2017 12:40 am

A few days ago I was messing around with molecularshell. I think I deleted everything as now I get an error every time I start it. I never installed anything else through it so I can't use vitashell or anything else.

I have reinstalled fw 3.60, rebooted the system, restored the system, formatted the memory card, uninstalled and reinstalled henkaku as well as taihenkaku but nothing is working. People on the discord server tried to help me but I thought I should ask for help here as well.

I know it was very stupid of me but I had no idea what I was doing. Is there anyway to recover those files? I thought reinstalling the fw would work but it did not. I am up for anything at this point.

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