Error C0-14356-9

Resolving issues with installing and using (tai)HENkaku
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Error C0-14356-9

Post by Aeit » Sun May 21, 2017 10:30 pm

Hey everyone

I bought my Fat vita (3g) a few years ago just to play one game, and actually never used it. But I have heard about great progress that has been made with HENkaku, so I decided to mod it.
It's supposed to be much easier than Nintendo systems but sadly it game over at part one for me.
My current system version is 3.52 and 11 gigs free SD storage. And wifi is working fine since when I open PS network it asks for a system update.
But when I change DNS to and try to download 3.60 ...
error C0-14356-9 appears.
No clue what is this, I have read on Reddit and PS forums but haven't found anything besides similar errors.

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