installing VPKs

Resolving issues with installing and using (tai)HENkaku
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installing VPKs

Post by toomanylegos » Thu Apr 06, 2017 6:53 pm

so i recently installed HENkaku for my beloved vita in hopes of getting some SNES emulation. However, after transferring the emulator to my vita through filezilla, whenever i try to install Snes9xVITA.vpk, it comes up with a C2-12828-1 error and says: Saved Core File Succeeded. ux0:data/psp2core-1491500491-0x0000d3955-eboot.bin.psp2dmp
I honestly have no idea what i am doing so if anyone here knows how i could emulation working help would be greatly appreciated!
by the way, i tried everything that would normally fix a C2-12828-1 error in the web browser, but nothing works for the shell.
here is a video:
keep in mind that it is the error that occurs after trying to install Snes9xVITA.vpk

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Re: installing VPKs

Post by ArkaniteOnVita » Fri Apr 07, 2017 6:26 am

Could possibly be a corrupt vpk.
Try downloading it again form VitaDB.
or install Vita Homebrew Browser and download/install from there.

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