error code C2-12828-1 activating molecularShell

Resolving issues with installing and using (tai)HENkaku
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error code C2-12828-1 activating molecularShell

Post by zerochan » Sun Jul 09, 2017 5:14 am

I actually giveup using vita because of this error for few months.
When I try to install recent henkaku and open molecularShell, it make this error

Anyway recently I found a way to getin molecular by using henkaku server 1.1 (only working at this version
It's pretty old version (molecularshell based on vitashell 0.6)

I delete the psp2dmp things in data folder.
and also download vitashell, and vita shell shows up C1-9649-8.
AFter I delete, I re-download the recent version of henkaku but still shows up C2 error...

Is there any solution with this problem?
I think it's a problem of corrupt with my vita device and henkaku...
Except molecularshell, vitashell or ftplaystaion etc... which using ftp, are fine....
Please help me to solve this solution.

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Re: error code C2-12828-1 activating molecularShell

Post by Mako » Sat Jul 22, 2017 11:21 am

have you tried to Re Install Henkaku using R button while on install setup? it will reinstall the molecular shell

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Re: error code C2-12828-1 activating molecularShell

Post by wavetoyou » Sat Jul 29, 2017 6:51 am

I had this problem. First, if you're using an OLED Vita keep in mind that you will need a memory card. The OLED is not built with the 1GB internal memory like the Slim or PSTV. Okay, so if that's not the problem you can try a few other things.

* Turn off Bluetooth

* Remove any gaming cartridges from the VITA

* Make sure the VITA is not connected via USB to anything

* Reset network connection

* Delete web browser cookies

* Press "OK" after receiving the error message, allow Henkaku to reload and try again

These are solutions floating around along with rebuilding database and restoring the system. Let us know if any of this helps :mrgreen:

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