3.01 to 3.60

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3.01 to 3.60

Post by moddingnoob » Thu Aug 31, 2017 1:23 am

So got a Vita off letgo for 60$. Too my surprise it wasn't updated (yea me).

So I tried the Wi-Fi update to 3.6 by changing dsn and all that and i keep getting cant connect to internet when choosing Wi-Fi update (I made sure Wi-Fi was working by going to browser then to facebook) or 3.65 is available.

So now I'm trying to do the qcma way.
I've got the 3.60 file and renamed it.
I've got the xml file Downloaded qcma (newest version)
set the update folder for qcma and put the files there
Changed option in qcma to ignore region and Changed firmware option to 3.60.
Put vita in airplane mode and rebooted
Connect vita to pc
went to Update via pc and ends up saying can not connect to pc.
Not sure what to do... watched all the videos and read what I could. Any help would be appriciated.

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